Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Divine Hammer

So, does anyone read music blogs on a Saturday night? Probably not, but that doesn't mean I can still go wild over some bitching Breeders tunes.

I don't know how to talk about this still, but I'm strongly anti-90's nostalgia. Than again I'm mostly anti-nostalgia in all of its forms. Any think that is backwards looking and overly appreciative of thinks simply because they happened in a certain time period I don't trust.

A couple of quick thoughts, 1) there is a very poorly edited flying nun in this video that I can't really explain and 2) I think the credits say that one of the directors of the video was Spike Jones. Which if point 2 is true, that makes point number one all the more confusing

I had a girlfriend in college include this song on a mix-tape she made me and I feel in love immediately. Sooooooo poppy. It's a cornucopia of poppy-ness. I can't be bothered with your Lady Gaga or whatever marginally talented pop sensation you listen to. In fact, I think my new goal in life is to make sure that lady Gaga listens to this entire album. Hopefully she will see the error in her ways and see that it isn't to late to start a rock band. I want Lady Gaga to break down in tears and realize she is living a lie after the record ends for the first time. I want her to sob and curl up into a ball knowing she has become the product that can be easily packaged and consumed by millions that she was fighting against. But, I want her to know there is a way out. There is a hope. That hope rests upon her starting a all female rag-tag crew to put together an album of 90-ish pop-rock.

Also, one of the greatest Ohio bands, right? Shit, I can think of like only four good Ohio bands ever: GBV, The Breeders, Devo, and the Ohio Players. That's it. I literally can't think of another band.

When Kim Deal sings "I know you are a cannon ball", I believe that I am.


  1. Don't be a dick... You left out Pure Prarie League

  2. Pure Prairie League....the band with the largest known photo on wikipedia