Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ice. Cold. Beats.

We have to put up a fight. We can't just let fall steamroll into town without putting up a fight. It is our patriotic duty. If we can't even do that then the terrorists have truly won.

Fuck. And. Yes. Some clowns over at Pitchfork said this was a one hit wonder. Yes, that would be true if you only ever listened to this song and never listened to any of their other stuff but I would be hard pressed to call the The MFA a one hit wonder. Also, I think this is all more Superpitcher's doing than anything so lets just not throw the baby out with the bath water.

German? Check

Minimalistic? Check

Kompakt related? Check

I don't really see how we can go wrong here. Yea, it might be a little cold, but a type of cold where you have been in a super hot bar and you go outside and it's a little chilly and it just feels right.

I'm thinking like ice cubes on your skin - but not for some random reason but because someone is putting them there for a purpose. And the skin under the ice cubes burn, just a little bit, and you want to take it off but the ice is starting to melt and water is cooling the burn and your skin. And you can feel the water sort of run down your skin and leave a path of wetness behind it where it has cooled different hairs on your body. Yea, this track sounds something like that.

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