Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Old Guard

Look at that thing! Jesus Christ, what is going on here with this demonic piece of art work. Whoever made this should be given a good talking to. This is offensive to my christian values.

Juk Juk - Winter Turn Spring (TEXT012) by Four Tet

This is how Fact Magazine described this tune:

Four Tet's Text label welcomes newcomer Juk Juk, whose debut single is cherry-blossoming 2-step with a cold sleight of hand indebted to Lawrence. Lush as you like, and seriously mesmerising. 
Fucking 'cherry-blossoming'. Really? God damn it, I'm never going to make it in this racket.

Anyone want to tell me what that means? British people are so much better at explaining things than we are. I've been watching a lot of soccer and soccer commentators commonly use phrases like exquisite, stunningly beautiful, marvelous, to describe fucking cross passes in the box that miss everyone and roll out of bounds. What are you suppose to do when you encounter something that is stunningly beautiful? Do their heads explode from the beauty of something that is deserving of such high praise? Are minds just liquefied at even the mere thought of something being truly marvelous?

He is always around, Four Tet, he is the old guard almost. He isn't even that old but he is consistent. And in this game that means a lot. For example, he had a good decade. A good, fucking, decade. You can't say that for almost anyone else in electronic/progressive dance/indie rock/indie dance/what ever genre you want to hold up. Few artists have good back-to-back albums, let alone a good decade.

Of course, his sound has changed over the years, but there is something that just so Four Tet about all of his tracks. You know it from the mother-fucking cherry blossoming on all his tunes.

You see what I did there?

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