Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Juicy Fruit - Mtume

Look at that mother fucker. If that isn't the best thing you have seen all day that means you probably haven't been sitting in libraries and classrooms all day.  Good for you. I want an extraordinary chickens calendar reallllllll bad.

YouTube tells me that Notorious BIG sampled this. Good for him, he has has a good ear. It makes sense really, this thing is ripe to be ripped off and sampled. Just find the break, speed it up and you got your self a damn fine track.

It's been a rough week music wise, I'm having a hard time finding anything to latch on to. I spent most of the day trying to avoid people so I listened to a bunch of metal really loud in the computer lab. That seemed to work on multiple levels - I got worked done and mostly no one really talked to me.

Ummm if you want to know anything about the internal validity of extraordinary chickens you should email me otherwise enjoy the tune.

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