Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kai Alce - Dirty South Dirt (Anticipation Dub)

This one is over before it even starts. I'm getting way to use to tracks being 6+ mins in length so when I find a short track that I'm in love with I will listen to it a good four or five times in a row. Sometimes the shorter tracks are even more fun. The parts that you love hit quicker, it is a little bit more of an active listening experience, and you are force to suck the joy out of every little nuance more because it is all passing by so quickly.

Kai Alce is wayyyyyy into the beat on this one. Besides the weird, disjointed chords you get repeating through out most of the action is on the groove end. Some almost analog sounding hi-hats brought up to the front with this muffled snare riding right along next to it. Just the right size dollop of bass mixed in for shits and giggles - it's all so very groove based but not at the expense of having any soul.

Also, it came out on FXHE last year so this is just another reason to post something that has Omar's' finger print on it.

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