Thursday, January 19, 2012

Omar S and Kai Alce - Not Phazed

If you look closely you will notice that he has unopened boxes of Star Wars action figures on his wall.

Did you know that if you want to buy an album from Omar S's record label, FXHE, you have to email him personally and tell him what you want. Yea. On the website it tells you specifically to keep the message short and sweet too. Supposedly this is done to keep it underground.

This isn't technically new but it's brand new to me. I'm a pretty big fan boy of Omar S so I'm familiar with his story but I'm not so familiar with this Kai Alce character. The interwebs tell me he is a producer from Atlanta, which then helps explain the cover of this album.

What I love about Omar S is the effort of putting no effort into the releases. The art work and design are so haphazard that if feels like he took five minuets to put them together. Which is odd because the music is the total opposite. His songs are huge pieces that if you hung them up on the wall you would get a different story depending on where you were standing. I can listen to his tracks over and over again and hear something different every time. They are things to be lived in and moved around in. Listen to them with headphones on really loud, put them on the speakers really loud, or listen to them really low, it doesn't matter.

With that said, what makes "Not Phazed" such a standout track though is the more polished feel to it at points. The give and take between his quintessential 808 drum beats and analog synths which are woven between clear, shinny melodies that one doesn't normally associate with Omar S. It may be Kai Alce's doing or it may be due to another factor, but either way it is something great.

Also, I think I love the man because he reps Detroit hard and you gotta give him props for that.

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