Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday jamz

"Our love is strong."

This is the second remixed Jazzanova track I have posted. This one's got a little bit more of a dark streak running through it. Some weird synth arpeggio chords bouncing back and forth, layered with some ominous strings - it's dark but also reminds me of an R&B tune from the 1960s. I don't know why that is though. What really makes it interesting are the live drum parts layered throughout the mix with the "Ohhhhssss". Seeing how much electronic music I listen to every once and awhile I'll hear live drums on a track and realize I had forgotten how awesome they can sound. Granted, this track is a little bit more jazz based but the other day at the gym they were playing The Who and I just stood there in the locker room listen to the drums for a couple of mins. That's probably a little weird.

Also, good job on building the tension in this one. Really, you guys turned it up to ten in this. Something about the strings, and the bass, the live drums, and the vocals that just push this one forward as if we all got somewhere to be and we're 15 minuets late. A little unsettling but it keeps me interested and keeps me hitting play.

Also, fuck Tim Tebow.

What? I just said what you had been thinking. 

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