Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Shlohmo track and directions on how to make pork cones

Putting animal heads on people in photos from the Edwardian age will never get old to me. Never.

A little chilled out glitchy tiddy for your Sunday. Are Sunday turning into a white person thing? Or do white people just do very specific things on Sundays that normally involve reading such things as the New York Times or Vanity Fair? For the record, I haven't read either of those fine rags yet today.

Things I've eaten in the last 24 hours:

1. A bagel with butter.
2. A Pork cone.

Yes, a pork cone. You want one? Here is you get your grubby little hands on your own pork cone. Step 1 - make a cone out of focaccia bread. Step 2 - acquire a massive quantity of pulled pork. Preferably from here. Step 3 - insert said pork into focaccia cone. Repeat until pork cone coma sets in.

Just, be careful. This isn't amateur hour people, we are talking about pork cones here. Tread lightly.

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