Friday, January 20, 2012

Pittsburgh Track Authority - Archipelago 6 (Dub Version)

Friiiiiiddaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Whoooooo! F-you Monday through Thursday. You can just go suck it.

Seriously though, I've been bumping this Pittsburgh Transit Authority 12" all day. It single handedly got me through several hours of procrastinating at work today. And god bless them for that.

The whole 12" is amazing and this is the third and last cut from it which is the dub version of the first track. When this tune started playing it reminded me or something but I couldn't put my finger on it and then it hit me on the way home. It has this Kompakt, German, minimal flair at first that reminds me of soul crushing winters in central Ohio. When I hear these type of sounds it's like an old jacket that just goes right back on like I had never taken it off. It's got this minimal-ish kick to it but still has some balls on it which I like. (Balls are underrated in electronic music these days - gotta have some balls on track or else I'm probably not going to want to listen to it again. Some swagger, like you know what you're doing. As Jack Donaghy would say, "You're lion, you take what's yours.")

I was telling someone the other day that I want to find the people making electronic music underground in places you would never think it would exist. They make it not because they have some goal of making it big in a scene but because they just have to. I think I found my first candidate to back this year for this campaign.

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