Monday, January 30, 2012

Recloose track & a walrus that is all dressed up

I look at this and can't decide whether I want to laugh or cringe.

House music from New Zealand via Detroit. I heard this on Beats In Space last week and it's stuck with me all week. It's no secret I'm kind of a sucker for a good vocal hook so I'm a fan of this one. Besides the obvious I like the super clean, precision to this track. I feel like it's made out of that brushed metal that is super slick and easy to slip on. Or slippery like a baby seal.  To be honest, they played a Carl Craig edit of this track on Beats In Space and that was also the shit.  Internet - Where the hell is that??!?!! I can find literally a million different videos of cats falling off of things but I can't find that one track? Jesus, what has this civilization come to.? Seriously.

I'm thinking about buying a fake German passport with a made-up name and date of birth on it. I'm going to start only talking in German and I'm going to go around to clubs and ask them in broken English if they will let me start playing there. And then I'll spend the summers in Tokyo and do the same thing there. I see no reason why this plan won't work.

To conclude, the first person who finds the Carl Craig edit of this track for me wins. They win something, I don't know what, maybe a kiss. A kiss from that guy in the picture. Get on it!

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