Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Swag Chicken.


It's been a minute since we posted some Clams Casino. Technically this isn't anything brand new from Clams but this is a live 35 minute set from the man with some nice live edits made throughout. I'm glad to see him paying homage to the motto around these parts - "Nothing But The Hits". Which according to Google Translate is "Aliquam nisi" in Latin. We may live in the most advanced civilization known to man, but it would mean nothing if I couldn't translate stupid phases from English into Latin without having to get off my ass and open a book.

What I really like about this mix is that it is heavy on the rap versions of his tracks. So you get the whole experience of having to listen to Lil' B and listening to some dark and brooding beats at the same time. It's a shame really, it would be like if the original version of "Thriller" had a soloing Kenny G throughout. Everyone would understand the awesomness that is the "Thriller" part and at the same time wondering why they had to put Kenny G over top of everything.

I'm not hating, but seriously, at least 50 percent of Tumblr is eaten up by black and white photos of girls lounging around half naked and the other 50 percent is nothing but photos of weird Lil' B tattoos. For those people, I'm happy we invented the internet so we can supply them with an outlet for this stuff. 

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